Technology Innovation, Precision, Green
Manufacturer of equipments & machinery for battery industry
Shingania Services is the flagship partnership firm of a group, all engaged in activities related to industrial and automotive batteries (lead-acid).The firm holds an overall experience of four decades

From initial years of our inception in design and manufacture of tools, equipment, moulds and dies required by the Lead-acid battery industry to further design and manufacture of standard machines and special purpose machines, for the Lead-acid battery industry, our focus has been technology excellence, performance consistency and improved innovative designs

Today, Shingania holds a strong customer base globally (EXIDE, Amara Raja, NED, HBL, TAFE, Tudor, Luminous to name a few. See our clientele list here. The unique product mix has been supplied to reputed and renowned companies worldwide with great appreciation from the customers.

With our focus on improved innovation through its Centre of Excellence (battery) in India, we hold patents within key areas such as 'Tall tubular lug brushing machine', 'Peripheral frame cleaning machine' etc.  

The continuous upgradation of technology to suit the latest industry developments and perfection in performance, has been our constant endeavor.

Success stories include
  1. Exide Industries (India): 1 ton Paste Mixer excellent performance for 6+years
  2. Phillipine Batteries & Exide europe: Brushing Parting machine excellent performance for 8+years
  3. Greenvision (India) and Exide Industries (India): Multiple plate Brushing Parting machine excellent performance for 10+ years
  4. Exide (Haldia): Successful installations of large Industrial Negative plates processing with complete Peripheral Cleaning with additional facility of Lug brushing
  5. Eastman Battery: Tall tubular Positive plates of all sizes, Five side Lug brushing, Including Lug Milling on top and bottom side
  6. Robotic Automation essentially for stacking operations
  7. Hamco (Bangladesh): C.O.S. for one Truck Battery per cycle
  8. Automatic waterbath (formation) tables